A little about me

I write, I read, I learn and I gladly do it all over again. I live for it and because of it.

Writing for me is something like Scheherazade meets zombies. If I don’t do it daily, I feel like the undead. Writing and reading Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Magical Realism feels most natural and, by happy accident, a bit of satire may also wiggle its way in there.

Some combination of the cosmos, nature, the outrageous, and the sublime is where I make my happy place. There, I ponder the unknown, the universe, and that ever-confounding thing we call the human condition.

I also teach.

I love teaching because I love to learn. Because of that and my experience teaching in higher education, I know how institutional education can get in the way of learning. In my teaching, I hope to make academic and creative writing be more understandable, meaningful, and perhaps even easier through my experience as a lifelong writer, reader, and learner. Learning is all about meaningful connections, so if I can help you find one (or a few), I’d be thrilled.

I figure that, since teaching is learning together and reading and writing is telepathy, we can learn about and share the wonders of everything together.